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Memories of Hiroshima Memories of Hiroshima

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I read your description. Nuclear warfare is horrible, but don't forget that pearl harbor was attacked by surprise and innocent people were killed too. The US didn't just bomb Hiroshima for no reason. While it of course wasn't the fault of the innocent people in Hiroshima, it also wasn't the fault of the innocent people in Pearl Harbor.

I'm just gonna leave it like this: yes, the nuclear bomb killed thousands, but don't forget that pearl harbor was bombed first and innocent people were killed there too. You should make a picture of pearl harbor and list some facts there too if you truly have any respect for the innocent and not just Japan.

RPGsrok responds:

The attack on Pearl Harbor was in most respects unjustifiable. True, the US at the time was not making attempts to be on the best relations with Japan, but blame in my view does lie on Japan both for being belligerent and not sticking with negotiations, as well as on its ambassadors for their famous mishap in not delivering their ultimatum before the bombing.

Nonetheless, I believe that the bombing of Pearl Harbor cannot approach the devastation of Hiroshima in any way. There were innocent people in each area, yes, but total casualties in Pearl Harbor numbered less than 2500. Only 57 of those were civilians. It was unjustified, but it was largely a military operation. Pearl Harbor was attacked to cripple the american naval and air forces in the Pacific. Hiroshima was attacked to make use of, test out, and to a point - show off a new weapon. The injuries sustained by the survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack were in large part not comparable (in my opinion) to the burns and radiation poisoning inflicted on the citizens of Hiroshima. I find it particularly disturbing that the US was not fully aware of how the bomb would affect humans when it was used.

In any case, I'm glad we could have this discussion, and a Pearl Harbor picture isn't a bad idea at all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.