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2009-01-24 10:02:27 by Iownyoujk

Check out my blog here:

Be sure to leave messages and stuff,I mean in the blog :P

New Audio Songs!

2008-11-28 13:47:59 by Iownyoujk

UPDATE: 11/28/08 6:45PM

I heard that my song is going to be used in a flash game,which is AWESOME! Special thanks for using it in your flash, it really does give me a confidence boost! More special thanks to those who review my songs giving me ideas on how to make it sound better!
Due to this confidence boost, I have decided to buy some nexus content, which is a HUGE AMOUNT of sounds to add to songs for fl studio 8! I think i should get it by the afternoon of tomorow!

11/28/08 1:15PM

Thats right! I decided to do something productive on the computer for once xD. I added flash songs I have been working on to newgrounds,and I have to say,they need some work,lol. But seriously,check em out and rate,comment, and I will definately respond :P.


2008-07-19 11:53:28 by Iownyoujk

You might have followed my username after I left a review on one of your blammed games.If you wish to get me back for what I have said,feel free to leave a comment,thx :D